Prosperity & Luck Pouch

The feng shui money bag is one of the most popular enhancers in feng shui. It’s so popular that you can see this charm in many Chinese homes, office, and businesses. Our feng shui pouch is a red velvet material with the gold Chinese Character for Luck – “FU”. The pouch contains 3 gold ingots, a gold laughing Buddha, 1 Chinese coin, 3 knotted Chinese coins, and an Aventurine Crystal to enhance prosperity and abundance luck. This lucky pouch can be placed in the following areas of your home: Far left corner of a room, the Southeast sector of a home, your office desk, the front entrance of your home and for women, in your purse. This prosperity pouch is a great Chinese New Year gift for families and friends and is a great way to kick start a new year filled with money, prosperity, and opportunities.