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Feng Shui Services

Our Feng Shui experts can provide a variety of feng shui services which includes but not limited to the following: Annual Chinese Zodiac & Flying Star Analysis, Residential, Commercial and Corporate Analysis, Real Estate Feng Shui and more.

Annual Chinese Zodiac & Flying Star Analysis

In preparation for the 2024 Chinese Lunar New Year, our Feng Shui Master will write a forecast and analysis for the Year of the Wood Dragon.

Ba Zi Analysis

Explore the secrets of your life's path through Ba Zi, the Eight Pillars of Destiny. Uncover personality traits, health insights, and more.

Intentional Home Energy Package

In Feng Shui, optimize home buying or building with layouts and placements. We guide on construction year, direction, and colors for well-being.

Business, Commercial & Corporate Consultation

Entrepreneur or small business owner seeking growth? For centuries, professionals have used Feng Shui to boost their business and achieve goals.