7 Chakra Energy Tree

Description: 7 Chakra crystal tree includes Jasper, Citrine, Tiger Eye, Rose Quartz, Amazonite, Sodalite, and Amethyst. These crystals hold a large amount of therapeutic energy and are for everyday healing and energetic balance. You can place the 7 Chakra Crystal Tree in your home for mediation purposes and to create energy balance in the main parts of your space or home and business. Here are the meaning of each crystal:

  • Jasper – Helps with self-confidence, self-trust, courage, grounding, stability, energy flow.
  • Citrine – Helps with: self-confidence, happiness and optimism, creativity, self-expression, manifesting desires, wealth and prosperity.
  • Tiger Eye – Helps withhappiness and optimism, good luck, protection, overcoming fear and anxiety, motivation, sexuality.
  • Rose Quartz – Helps with: self-love, forgiveness, compassion, relationships, stress and anxiety, clearing energetic blocks, good fortune.
  • Amazonite – Helps with: meditation, empathy, compassion, self-love, mental clarity, relationships, electromagnetic pollution.
  • Sodalite – Helps with: mental clarity, meditation, self-expression, communication, self-awareness, emotional balance, psychic abilities, good luck, and wealth.
  • Amethyst – Helps with: meditation, spiritual awareness, intuition, mental clarity, stress and anxiety, focus, creativity, psychic abilities.